6 Apps That Are Guaranteed to Improve Your Productivity (Even When You’re Working From Home)

Procrastination is a universal struggle. These 6 incredibly useful tools can help you beat that procrastination.

Procrastination is a universal struggle.

These 6 incredibly useful tools can help you beat that procrastination and improve your productivity working from home.

In the time that we are living now, everyone is needed to work from home. It’s needless to say that productivity has taken a hit along with your motivation. Use these apps to improve your productivity to the next level.

1. TickTick (Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, Chrome, Firefox)

A powerful To-Do-List app, TickTick has integrations with your email and calendars, robust “reminders” functionality, and natural language support.

Download TickTick for all platforms

2. Toggl (Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, Chrome, Firefox)

A simple but useful time tracker, Toggl is a lifesaver for freelancers with multiple projects. You can keep a tab on what’s taking up most of your time. Most importantly, you can figure out how much real work you’re doing on a particular project—keeping you accountable.

Download Toggl for iOS and Android

Download Toggl for Mac and Windows

3. Pocket (Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Safari)

This has to be the most beautiful bookmarking app in the market. Pocket helps you make a note of things you’ve check out that you want to refer back to, discover adjacent content, and save future reading pages.

Download Pocket on all platforms

4. Focus To-Do (Mac, iOS, Android, Windows, Chrome)

If you like the Pomodoro Productivity Technique, Focus To-Do is the app for you. It helps you break up tasks into smaller 25-minute ones and helps you stay focused. The app can also help you schedule work sessions, record shopping lists, and set up reminders.

Download Focus To-Do on all platforms

5. Habitica (iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox)

All this productivity is excellent, but why not make it fun while you’re doing it? Habitica is a time- and task-management app that does exactly that, by turning the act of completing tasks into an RPG-style game. In-game rewards and punishments motivate you to stay focused on long- and short-term goals in your work, health, and daily life.

Download Habitica on all platforms

6. SleepTown (Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome)

From the creators of Forest, SleepTown helps you to build healthy sleeping habits by setting sleep goals, incentivized by a town you’re making in the app. Rare buildings appear if you consistently achieve your bedtime and wakeup goals.

Download SleepTown on all platforms

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