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Discover the true power of you.

You cannot see the opportunity in front of you if your eyes are closed. You cannot feel the greatness if you if your heart is closed. The channel to open is all is through hacking the mind.


Hi, I’m Sidhant Kisshor.

In order to be happy doing work, it is imperative to find work that feeds your soul, not your just stomach. Meaningful work is the only way to live a truly fulfilled life and be happy. You won’t need anymore motivation once you find meaning.


Keynote Speaker

Being your trust self is not easy after piling on false virtues through conditioning that we aquire while growing up.

Personal Development coach

As an everyday learner, I know how to learn the best and I have been lucky to be able to share it.

Business Coach

With my experience and creative zeal, businesses have had enormous benefits working with me.


What Sidhant does

Consciousness Raising Talks

If someone decides that he needs to get something done something in a certain amount of time then he must.

That does not happen by being in the state of inaction. Reality as we know is today is nothing more than an idea that someone once had.

Everything is impossible until someone does it.

I have learned this through my experiences. I would love to share this abundant energy with you to empower the Impractical Champion In You.

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