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How to Let Your Body Decide What You Eat – with Morgan Hannaleck
Morgan was your stereotypical teenager; she struggled to balance school, work, boys and finding herself. When an abusive relationship was added into the midst of her struggles…
How to Be In Charge of Your Future & Start Loving Life with Kristina Furia
Have you felt like you are not in charge of your life? Do you constantly find yourself thinking negative thoughts? Do you have dreams but don’t know how to fulfill them? Are you feeling unhappy with life?
How To Deal With Toxic Relationships and How to Overcome EGO with Monisha Mehta (bliss_feeder)
Have you been in a relationship where you were constantly feeling drained out? Are you living a fucked up lifestyle and want to change? Do you feel like you don’t deserve anything or are not worth it?
India vs China – Truth about Economics, Emotions and Environment | Vidik with Soumya Basu
India vs China has become quite a trend lately. After @wangchuksworld and @abhiandniyu made videos about this topic, the issue has gone viral with people uninstalling Tik Tok…
Busting the Myths around Spirituality and How to Create a Purposeful Life with James Ross

The word ‘Spirit’ has a bad rep because of the amount of uncertainty that’s attached to it. James Ross is a spiritual teacher who once was the biggest critic of this fluff before he discovered his own gift.

3 Techniques Experts Use To Influence Others With Their Communication
Often, it’s really hard to convince people to do what we want. This is not because people are bad. It’s generally because we lack the tools in our communication that INFLUENCES people.
4 Powerful Tips on How to Be More Patient (WARNING! They can make you REALLY PATIENT)
Ramya shines a beautiful light on yoga explaining how it can enhance our everyday life and even the life beyond if we use it in the right way for both are mental and physical practices.
How to be Truly Happy in the Modern World and Live a Life of Satisfaction? ft. Ramya Pastakia
Ramya shines a beautiful light on yoga explaining how it can enhance our everyday life and even the life beyond if we use it in the right way for both are mental and physical practices.
4 Things You Tell Yourself That Prevent Your Growth (And What To Say Instead)

Actions Speak Louder Than Words? Perhaps. But do the words we speak have a loud impact on your psyche? They sure do. Everything that we tell ourselves leads to chemical changes in our brains.

4 Proven Methods To Hack Your Nervous System According To Experts

How to use your nervous system to your advantage and use science to feel better during this time of tremendous stress. You can start using this quick and easy methods immediately!

4 Questions To Instantly Destroy Negative Beliefs

Do your thoughts get the best of you? Are you your own biggest critic? Are you constantly under your own scrutiny? Is that affecting you goal? Learn how to ask the right questions, because that is the only way to get the right answers. Don’t be in doubt anymore and find clarity easily with these 4 simple questions.

Women Entrepreneurship, Dance & Starting Young in Hyderabad With Disha Methi Khandelwal

How to make it for yourself in HYDERABAD? How does it feel to start earning since the age of 14? How does it feel to know exactly what you love doing but are unable to do so for 2 years?

Ways To Make Use Of The Extra Time On Your Hands
Corona or No Corona We are experts at wasting time.
Here are a few other things you could do! And don’t worry as always I will try to make things really simple for you!
Find Out Your Biggest Mistake
Often we are clouded with our conditioning about mistakes.
No, we cannot be superhuman who never make mistakes. It is our duty to make mistakes and learn from them else there is no point of anything.

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